Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vancouver's One of a Kind Show Quickly Approaching

With just three more Saturdays at Edmonton's City Market remaining for Sugar Soul Studio, our heroine has been busily cutting, sewing and serging her way through a mountain of gorgeous fall fabrics in preparation for the One of a Kind show that is mere weeks away.  Will it be enough?  Can she finish the work?  Will she meet her goal?  Will there be enough coffee?  Stay tuned...

Remaining Farmers' Market Dates (all summer stock reduced!):
Wednesday, Sept. 16th  Festival Place Market (Sherwood Park)  5pm-8pm
Saturday, Sept. 19th  City Market (104th Street and Jasper Ave.) 9am-3pm
Saturday, Sept. 26th  City Market (104th Street and Jasper Ave.) 9am-3pm