Friday, October 2, 2009

Baby Bums...WHAT?!

The One of  a Kind Show is just days away and I am really excited about heading to Vancouver.  This will be my first show outside of Alberta and it is also the largest show I have ever done.  With such a lot of sewing and preparations left to do, I had to wind up my seasons at Sherwood Park's Festival Place Market a couple of weeks ago and at Edmonton's City Market last weekend.  Thank you to all my customers this summer-your bright, cheery and supportive attitudes are what make the outdoor markets so fun to be a part of!  I'm already looking forward to next May, when we start up again.

Headcase Hats and Sabrina Butterfly will have a brand new batch of hats in mid-October, including the popular aviator/ear flap hats that I introduced last year.  Fully lined with fun fur, I've attached handmade pom poms on the ends of extra long tassels. They are the perfect edition to a Canadian's winter wardrobe (sorry to mention the W word)!

Before I head back to my sewing machine for the rest of the morning, I just had to show you my new labels and share the strangest fabric that I've ever used to line a hat.  Cute? Weird? A bit of both?!  It makes me laugh.