Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring 2011 Update

     Are wondering what happened to the 2011 Hat-a-Day Project?  It was my first attempt at daily blogging and I made it to Day 95.  I decided that it was starting to cut into production time so had to be retired.  Fun while it lasted!
     I have a photo shoot coming up with Linda Patterson of Timeless Edge Photography.  I am super excited to work with her again and can't wait to have my Etsy shop filled with her beautiful shots!  
     A huge thank you to Marta Gold of the Edmonton Journal for the shout out in her Buy Local article, Friday, April 15th.  She muses about the options we have to live a 100-mile fashion "diet".  Rather than limiting myself geographically, I'd rather think about the origin of the purchases I make.  I feel good about buying items from far-flung designers as long as I know that the artisan, designer, cook, vintner are still directly involved.  I feel pretty comfortable that the people whose hands are doing all the creating are enjoying the process and are fairly compensated for their work.  
(I'll sneak in my move announcement here...)  
     Yes, my biggest news for Spring 2011, is that Sugar Soul Studio is leaving fair Edmonton for the coast of Nova Scotia!   It is a huge and exciting move for my family.  I hope to have my studio back up and running by July, and will have lots of new stock for sale online through Etsy.   I'm also planning to be back in Alberta twice a year for craft shows and will keep you posted here on my blog, on Facebook and Twitter.  You can also continue to shop in-person at MUD Studio (124th Street and Stony Plain) and at Sabrina Butterfly (112th Ave and 65th Street).  Be sure to see me before I leave at one of the three shows I have for Spring 2011:
Festival of Crafts in CALGARY April 29-May 1st
Spring Butterdome Craft Show in EDMONTON April 6-8th
Make It EDMONTON May 13-15th